Coverage: commercial photography (lecture and workshop) by Ali Al Riffai


Riyadh Photographers provided two events: “a lecture and a workshop” in the field of commercial photography and presented by Bahraini artist Ali Al Riffai, which held public lecture on Wednesday, 04.12.2013 in the presence of increased about 120 photographer in the White Palace Hotel in Riyadh, was entitled (the work environment in commercial photography ).

After that the group organized a workshop entitled (scenes of commercial photography) for professionals in the presence of 12, a photographer, and through which the artist made Ali Al Riffai, a practical application of the stages of the actual experienced by the production of the Declaration of photography from the stage of dealing with the client or the agency, to the stage of team building and processing equipment and techniques and choice of photography and the idea of ​​working and selection of model and drawing the plan, and then begin to phase imaging processing and providing professional photography product to the customer.

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